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The file : a well established instrument From work to pleasure Allgemeines Inhaltsverzeichnis General index Table des matières générale Indice general Seite / Page Artikel / Item Article / Articulo Page / Página 2 Hinweise zum Gebrauch des Katalogs Pour le bon usage du catalogue For the good use of this catalog Para el uso idoneo del catalogo 6 Hiebskala Echelle de tailles Scale of cut Escala de picados 7 Präzisionsfeilen Limes de précision Precision files Limas de precisión LP 29 Nadelfeilen Limes aiguilles Needle files Limas aguja LA 47 Riffelfeilen Rifloirs Rifflers Limas codillos LR 73 «Valtitan»-Sortiment Gamme «Valtitan» «Valtitan» range Surtido «Valtitan» V 81 Gravierstichel – Laubsägeblätter – Echoppes – Scies bijoutiers – Laubsägebogen Montures Engravers’ gravers – Buriles para grabar – LO Jewellers’ saw blades – Frames Sierras para joyeros – Arcos 90 Feilen-Griffe Manches File handles Mangos AL 92 Sonderanfertigungen Limes spéciales Custom-made files Limas especiales S 93 Verzeichnisse Répertoires Index Repertorios Edition 02.99 © UMV Vallorbe/Suisse 1 For the good use of this catalog 1. Range references The various ranges of files contained in this catalogue can be located with the help of the follow- ing tabs which are to be found in the side margins of the summary and product pages: LP Type Tools without cut LP Precision files with tang Chain saw files LO Engravers’ gravers Gravers - Scrapers Saw blades - Saw frames LA Type File handles LA Needle files Escapement files AL «Habilis» files Type LR Special custom-made files LR Rifflers S «Valtitan» range V Precision files with tang Needle files Rifflers 2. Main dimensions The measuring points for length (L) vary from one type of file to another. It is therefore neces- a) Length = L sary to refer to the «Main dimensions» diagram at the beginning of each chapter. The length is given either in inches or mm, or in inches and mm. In this case, the mm are given for informa- tion only. b) Width x thickness = A x B Width and thickness are given by: - A = as a rule length or diameter - B = mainly thickness. Th

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