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with AICC-SE (RCU-810-A) OPERATION MANUAL MANUAL No. GB48108G0021 YAMATO SCALE CO., LTD. GB48108G0021 (CPC 1/10) Operation SE Ver.2.XX 7,'09 DATAWEIGH SIGMA F1 series OPERATION MANUAL RECORD OF ISSUE DATE ISSUE NO. SOFTWARE VERSION June 1, 2000 GB48108A0068 AICC (RCU-800) Ver. 1.0X February 5, 2001 GB48108A0070 AICC (RCU-800) Ver. 1.1X December 20, 2002 GB48108A0076 AICC (RCU-800) Ver. 1.3X July 11, 2003 GB48108A0078 AICC-SE (RCU-810) Ver1.XX December 28, 2006 GB48108A0099 AICC-SE (RCU-810-A) Ver1.XX May 28, 2007 GB48108G0004 AICC-SE (RCU-810-A) Ver2.XX Nov. 25, 2008 GB48108G0013 AICC-SE (RCU-810-A) Ver2.XX July.13, 2009 GB48108G0021 AICC-SE (RCU-810-A) Ver2.XX RECORD OF REVISION DATE ISSUE NO. REVISION PART December 25, 2003 GB48108A0078 CLEAN-UP PROCEDURES YAMATO SCALE CO., LTD. Copyright © 2000 by Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. All Right Reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher. GB48108G0021 (CPC 2/10) Operation SE Ver.2.XX 7,'09 PREFACE This OPERATION MANUAL contains all the instructions for operation of the F1 series DATAWEIGH multi-head combination weigher, including the PROCEDURES for setting of preset parameters. System Installation and Calibration PROCEDURES will be described in the separate Installation Manual Part 2. INSTALLATION NOTES AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Before using the DATAWEIGH, please read this Operation Manual carefully and follow all operation and safety instructions. The F1 series DATAWEIGH are precession machines. The following points should be observed to assure weighing accuracy and performance as well as prolonged trouble-free operation. ITEM INSTRUCTION TEMPERATURE* - 10°C to 40°C (or 14°F to 104°F) HUMIDITY 35 to 85% (there should be no condensation) INSTALLATION On rigid horizontal surface SURFACE ELECTRICAL POWER 200 to 240 V ac, 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz, Tolerance: + 10% / - 15%, Use a separate branch circuit. GROUNDING Make sure the grounding terminal is grounded. (*) When the ambient temperature is less than 0°C, keep on the power of machine and do not turn off or on the power. GB48108G0021 (CPC 3/10) Operation SE Ver.2.XX 7,'09 PREFACE DANGER, WARNING AND CAUTION NOTICES BASIC RECOMMENDATION RECOGNIZE The Safety Alert Symbol brings your attention to SAFETY Danger, Warning and Caution notices. When INFORMATION you see this symbol be alert to the potential for personal injury or damage to your machine. The safe operation of your machine depends on everyone who operates, maintains, adjusts or works near it. Please read and understand these danger, warning and caution notices. Be sure you understand the following signal words, which will be seen throughout this manual: DANGER Alerts you to an immediate hazard, which will always result in severe personal injury and possible death, if it is not avoided. WARNING Alerts you to a hazard, which will result in a serious personal injury, or possible death in some cases, if not avoided. CAUTION Alerts to potential hazard, which may result in a serious personal injury if not avoided. It also alerts against an unsafe practice that will permanently damage equipment or property. IMPORTANT Points out a proper use that will avoid damage to the machine, could result violation against the regulations of Weights and Measures or the prepackaging rules, or will extend life of machine parts. NOTE Suggestion as to how to use or adjust the machine for best product results. GB48108G0021 (CPC 4/10) Operation SE Ver.2.XX

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