• Document: Smart HP for upc Application for Air-Water and Water-Water (ground source) heat pump management Code FLSTDmHPGU
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Smart HP for uPC Application for Air-Water and Water-Water (ground source) heat pump management Code FLSTDmHPGU User manual Integrated Control Solutions & Energy Savings +030220951 Smart HP for PC – rel 1.3 – 09/09/2010 1 ENG +030220951 Smart HP for PC – rel 1.3 – 09/09/2010 2 ENG WARNING The technical specifications shown in the manual may be changed without prior warning. The liability of CAREL in relation to its products is specified in the CAREL general contract conditions, available on the website www.CAREL.com and/or by specific agreements with customers; specifically, to the extent where allowed by applicable legislation, in no case will CAREL, its employees or subsidiaries be liable for any lost earnings or sales, losses of data and information, costs of replacement goods or services, damage to things or people, downtime or any direct, indirect, incidental, actual, punitive, CAREL bases the development of its products on decades of exemplary, special or consequential damage of any kind experience in HVAC, on the continuous investments in whatsoever, whether contractual, extra-contractual or due to technological innovations to products, procedures and strict negligence, or any other liabilities deriving from the installation, quality processes with in-circuit and functional testing on 100% of use or impossibility to use the product, even if CAREL or its its products, and on the most innovative production technology subsidiaries are warned of the possibility of such damage. available on the market. CAREL and its subsidiaries nonetheless cannot guarantee that all the aspects of the product and the software included with the product respond to the requirements of the final application, despite the product being developed according to start-of-the-art techniques. DISPOSAL The customer (manufacturer, developer or installer of the final equipment) accepts all liability and risk relating to the configuration of the product in order to reach the expected results in relation to the specific final installation and/or equipment. CAREL may, based on specific agreements, acts as a consultant for the positive commissioning of the final unit/application, however in no case does it accept liability for the correct operation of the final equipment/system. The CAREL product is a state-of-the-art product, whose operation is specified in the technical documentation supplied with the product or can be downloaded, even prior to purchase, INFORMATION FOR USERS ON THE CORRECT from the website www.CAREL.com. HANDLING OF WASTE ELECTRICAL AND Each CAREL product, in relation to its advanced level of technology, requires ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT (WEEE) setup/configuration/programming/commissioning to be able to operate in the best possible way for the specific application. The In reference to European Union directive 2002/96/EC issued on failure to complete such operations, which are required/indicated 27 January 2003 and the related national legislation, please note in the user manual, may cause the final product to malfunction; that: CAREL accepts no liability in such cases. • WEEE cannot be disposed of as municipal waste and such Only qualified personnel may install or carry out technical service waste must be collected and disposed of separately; on the product. • the public or private waste collection systems defined by local The customer must only use the product in the manner described

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