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Feature Article Laser Measurement System for the Refractory Lining of Hot Torpedo Ladles S ince their introduction, high- speed laser scanners have become more and more impor- outage on one torpedo ladle already results in a severe distur- bance of the production process. This paper introduces the world’s first laser profile measurement system for the refractory lining of tant in the determination of Ferrotron, a division of Minteq hot torpedo ladles, the LaCam ®. brick thickness of converter ves- International GmbH, intro- The torpedo measuring system sels and steel ladles. The laser duced the laser measuring unit, allows immersion of a laser measuring units are used as LaCam® Torpedo, which for the head into a hot torpedo ladle mobile measuring units or fixed first time enables the laser mea- with surrounding temperatures installed systems worldwide. surement of hot torpedo ladles of more than 1,000°C. Benefits Besides determination of the from inside the torpedo ladle. include improved safety, residual brick thickness, current The patented measurement increased ladle availability and laser measuring units enable the method allows for the regular capacity, extended refractory determination of the wear rate measurements of the refractory life, and cost savings in energy, and wear speed of refractory. lining in a hot condition directly material and maintenance. Additionally, information on the after the tapping. A reliable eval- bath level, optimization of the uation of the actual condition is tapping angle, evaluation of the bottom tuyeres, as well as the tem- possible and the refractory lin- ing life can be maximized. Author perature profile of a vessel justify the increased use of laser scan- Rolf Lamm Minteq International GmbH, Duisburg, Germany ners as process-accompanying LaCam Laserscan rolf.lamm@mineralstech.com instruments. Technology Besides economic aspects for the use of laser scanners, the The LaCam profile measuring increased safety of the aggre- system has been developed for gates in avoiding dangerous non-contact measurement of breakthroughs is an important hot refractory linings in metal- criterion, as they have high sig- lurgical reaction and transport nificance in the transport of pig vessels. iron from the blast furnace to the Rapid scanning of the object steelmaking plant. Worldwide, is possible via a pulsed laser torpedo ladles transport liquid beam (time of flight (TOF) mea- iron on railways, partly on public surement with a near-infrared railway tracks. Especially here, (NIR) laser diode), which is breakthroughs would have seri- deflected by a rotating mirror ous effects. system (Figure 1). Thus, a three- Torpedo ladles are becoming dimensional frame of the vessel’s increasingly important, as steel inner surface is created within plants without a pig iron mixer a few seconds. To ensure repro- often need 90% of the torpedo ducible measuring accuracy in fleet for its standard operation combination with high-speed and as a buffer between the blast scanning, the laser pulse rep- furnace and converter shop. An etition rate is up to 300 kHz, AIST.org  March 2013 ✦ 1 Figure 1 after a certain lifetime or num- ber of heats, the torpedo ladle will go to an inspection stand where it cools for up to three days. An inspector will climb into the cold torpedo ladle and break off

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