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1 LaCam® - 4th Generation 2 The LaCam® Family LaCam® - M Fixed installation for: converters ladles EAFs Mobile version Torpedo ladles for converters and ladles open die forging plants 3 LaCam® - M4 mobile version READY 4 LaCam® - CI Laser Scanner Profile Measurement in Hot Converters FERROTRON sold more than 270 laser measuring units world wide (170 mobile versions and 104 fixed versions ) 3D Laser Profile Measurement • Increases Safety • Reduces Cost • Extends Refractory Life • Optimizes Processes 5 Benefits 1) Safety SAFETY • Minimize dangerous and expensive break-outs FIRST 2) Extension of vessel life by • Accurate measurement of refractory lining • Visualization and measurement of high wear areas • Optimization of vessel brick lining • Trend analysis and forecast of vessel lining life (accurate planning of downtimes) 3) Process Control, Maintenance • Bath level measurement for determination of „Freeboard“ and optimized control of RH degasser • Control of gunning material selection and consumption • Optimization of sandfilling for taphole • Temperature measurement of lining-surface with high density (3D) 6 Technical details Depending on application up to 4 million measuring points are achievable with a scan of 30 seconds due to a laser repetition rate of 300 KHz and an extended vertical viewing angle of 110°. The smallest laser beam size of 3 mm is offering the highest resolution and best accuracy. This allows improved joint and edge detection in ladles and other vessels. 7 Principle Time-of-Flight Measurement • short laser pulse in a highly-collimated beam is sent in well- defined direction • pulse is partially and diffusely reflected by target(s) • receiver gathers backscattered optical signal (echo signal) and converts it into electrical signal • receiver electronics detects target(s) • time between start pulse and stop pulses is measured and gives range 8 LaCam® 4th generation introduces new upgrades offering the best performance for our customers: Measuring Speed Accuracy System Design Reliability Service 9 Measuring Speed • Reduced over all measurement time due to intelligent positioning methods Immediate Positioning System (IPS) (Patent) • Significant reduction of measurement time due to Instant Result Scanning (IRS) (Patent) Benefits: • Fastest lasercanner for hot surfaces on the market • Laser Pulse Repetition Rate of 300 Khz • Scan Rate: 135,000 Measuring Points/sec. • Total time for one scan: less than 10 sec. (Scanframe 110° X 80°, 880,000 MeasuringPoints/Scan) • 4 Million measuring points within a scan of 30 sec.  extreme high point density • Results available and monitored after each single scan • Ability to decide after each scan if areas of interest are already measured (no need to continue with additional scans) • Echo digitization with full waveform analysis measurements are less sensitive to smoke and dust influence this leads to improved measuring results 10 Accuracy, Positioning • Highest available accuracy, due to the use of latest laserscanner-technology and one scanner for positioning and measurement • Precision: +/-2 mm • Angular pointing accuracy: 0.0005° • Min. Angle stepp width: 0.0024° • Beam Diameter: 3 mm Advantages in Positioning compared to competitors: no additional errors based on: - second laser for positioning

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